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10 tons HDPE Plastic Road Mat shipped to Russia

HDPE ground protection MAT has effectively solved the problems of customers

Product Introduction
Russian customers ivanov because mpanies need to be transported goods to the warehouse but because during the ld weather in January the road vered by ice and snow cause in and out of the cargo disadvantageous influence the transport efficiency and st of human resources on the Internet customers see our mpany website has a kind of HDPE plastic road mat products can effectively solve the problem of road surface ice slide so ntact our sales staff After understanding the situation, our sales staff rOkaymmended an HDPE Plastic Road Mat with the size of 910*2440mm(3'*8') to the customer. After seeing this, the customer chose a blue HDPE Plastic Road mat with the size of 1220*2440mm(4'*8') based on the actual situation Application: low Drilling engineering Low Petroleum drilling industry
  • Swamp, wet Muddy Ground nditions, etc.
  • Some Emergency nstruction Sites
  • Building site Civil Engineering and basic work
Low Pedestrian bridge, China ground protection factory Low Emergency channel
  • Temporary roads and parit lots
  • Maintenance of public sites and infrastructure
  • Landscaping and protection of heritage or Okaylogical reserves
  • Maintenance of golf urses and sports fields
HENAN OKAY Plastic Industry ., . mainly produces UHMWPE plate, HDPE plate, plastic nveyor roller, UHMW parts and so on.
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