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Polyethylene PE500-1000 (UHMWPE) Sheet

Very high abrasion resistance and impact resistance

Low coefficient of friction

Self-lubricating on non-adhesive surfaces

Reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life

Corrosion resistance

Extremely robust

Good chemical resistance

Low moisture absorption

Product Introduction

Product introduction

Polyethylene PE500-1000 (UHMWPE) Sheet to solve friction, wear and material flow proble in many areas of industry. The material is distinguished for its outstanding sliding properties, extreme wear resistance, high impact strength and very high resistance to chemicals and has established itself in technical applications.

Product advantages

  • 01Very high abrasion resistance and impact resistance
  • 02Low efficient of friction
  • 03Self-lubricating on non-adhesive surfaces
  • 04Reduce maintenance sts and extend equipment life
  • 05Corrosion resistance
  • 06Extremely robust
  • 07Good chemical resistance
  • 08Low moisture HENAN OKAYorption

Scope of application

  • 01Chain and mmunication Guide
  • 02Chemical engineering
  • 03Food industry packaging industry
  • 04General engineering
  • 05Mechanical
  • 06Project
  • 07 nveying technology
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