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Textured HDPE Sheet

Color: Black/White/Colored(custome color)
Standard Dimension: 1.22 x 2.44 m(Can be customized)
Surface: Grid/Orange Peel
Thickness: 2-25mm
Process type: Extrude
Test Report: Test Report

Product Introduction

Product introduction

HDPE is not altered by chemicals, moisture or shock, mait it ideal for such a wide range of applications. Why is the texture of the HDPE board important, because then HDPE does not slip and bOkaymes an ideal cutting surface. The non-porous surface of our mmercial pe cutting boards is ideal for food applications where smooth HDPE is technically food safe, it is not suitable for cutting or preparing food like our textured HDPE.

Product advantages

We know that HDPE  sheet has the following main properties. The main characteristics of HDPE sheet are:

  • 01Tough
  • 02Very low water HENAN OKAYorption
  • 03Good sliding properties
  • 04Resistant to dilute acids, cleaning agents, numerous solvents
  • 05Very good electrical insulation
  • 06Difficult to bond
  • 07Easily welded
  • 08Low density

Scope of application

  • 01Machined parts
  • 02Guides and fixtures
  • 03Gears and rollers
  • 04Cutting and chopping boards
  • 05Vacuum table
  • 06Food and beverage industry
  • 07Spacers between steel plates
  • 08Washers
  • 09Playground
*Our selection of HDPE sheets includes a variety of sizes, lors, thicknesses and custom options to choose from.*
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